The Best Hardware Encoders for Live Streaming

Recording & output is often required at the live event, so you can immediately provide Stream to VOD for viewing or capture exciting clips. To do this, the Stream will need to be streamed at a relatively low quality (eg: 4 Mbps for a 1080p stream), but recording at a higher bitrate (eg: 12 Mbps) has yielded better results.

The DataVideo NVS-35 provides an SD card slot on the front interface to allow you to do similar recording jobs, and you can configure the two streams to different quality levels.

The unit has A/V inputs for HDMI and SDI, 2 XLR inputs and RCA connectors for other audio sources.
Supports FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file formats, can record without preset file size, and has dual-stream output, so you can stream to 2 services at the same time or record to SD card and stream to 1 at the same time service.

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The Best Hardware Encoders for Live Streaming